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There is a great book "The ink blood" Cornelia Funke. We highly recommend that you get to know her. In this book there is an interesting saying, which makes us think of many lovers of reading: "However, it is strange that if a book to read a few times, it becomes much thicker? As if every time reading something left between the pages. Feelings, thoughts, sounds, smells ... And when you have a lot of years later, again flipping books, you find there himself - a little younger, not a little of this, as it is now, if the book has retained between your pages as a pressed flower - with a familiar and a stranger ... ". Surely you have a favorite book that you re-read several times. Think of your feelings at that moment, when you pick up this book as a start to read it. And, apparently, familiar words, but there is an entirely different meaning. Each time you sink deeper and deeper into the book. And each time the wonder as you had not noticed before. It so happens that the first time around, you will not even notice some of the characters, not to mention such trifles as a description of nature, or costumes. And yet, do you remember the feelings and emotions that are experienced at the time of the last reading.

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2017-02-18 03:28:02

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